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Walking Leonard
and Other Stories

“From a technical standpoint and from the point of pure enjoyment, this collection of stories is moving and incredibly powerful. The writing is beautiful and the stories carry you along effortlessly, giving you intimate and touching glimpses into the tender and scoured lives of everyday people.”

- Hollay Ghadery | Goodreads 


“[A] conflict of desires and identities runs through all the stories in this compulsively readable collection.”
- Hollay Ghadery

Corridor 9 book 350x550.jpg

Corridor Nine

"Sophie Stocking's Corridor Nine is a brilliant exploration of guilt and remorse, the conflicted emotions elicited by the death of a father who was both angel and gorgon. Blackly comic and hilariously revelatory, this story faces head-on the challenges of parental nourishment and neglect. Combining domestic conflagration with powerful enlightenment, it performs a song of generous forgiveness. A mesmerizing novel." - Aritha van Herk


“.... every word is a thread that weaves into a beautiful and fantastical yet tender and tragic story of life and loss.”
- Ben Charles, SaskBooks Reviews

In Progress

Upcoming works from Sophie Stocking, including Sweet Home Bakery, a taste of Sophie's first foray into writing and illustrating a children's book.


Sweet Home Bakery

Lina Millstone (retired chemist) and Jane Birdswell (old artist) live across the street from each other. Each morning they see each other at the Sweet Home Bakery where they buy their breakfast. 

“What a fluff head,” thinks Lina eyeing Jane’s chocolate croissant and cappuccino. 
“What a stiff neck,” thinks Jane, observing Lina’s green smoothie and power muffin. 

Then they smile and say, “Good morning!” like they do every day. But one morning, a scruffy mutt shows up at the bakery, tipping the ladies into a battle of temperaments for the homeless dog’s affection.


Cleave Me

At twenty five, Issebeau Elenor Burke made a decision that steered her life in a decisive trajectory. Now with her marriage balanced on the brink and her three children on the verge of independence, Issebeau's dabbling in the esoteric leads to increasingly mysterious territory. One drunken lonely night Izzy goes to check on a falcon trapped in her backyard greenhouse. Stepping over the threshold, she finds the falcon, its owner, and someone she thought she'd lost long ago. In following two paths towards redemption, Cleave Me explores the confluence of maternity and career in the lives of women.    

The roots of a tree are as vast as the branches.jpe


September leaves fall, settling on the back of a man face down in a pond. A province away, Tess Warwick, Red Seal Certified Landscape Horticulturist, leads a tour high up on the Greenheart Tree Walkway.  The canopy is tossed by a storm, seeds and pollen blown to fresh ground, as is Tess, her heart tether severed. Driving through the mountains in her tiny rattling car, she somehow lands on her feet; the new Head Gardener of Reader Historic Garden.

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